Face and Body Art

Jennifer has been face painting for the past 11 years. She worked for a children’s entertainment company for many years and has recently gone out on her own. She uses water based, creamy

, hypoallergenic face paints and has an extensive portfolio of

designs to choose from. She does full faces, hand arm and cheek art for children and adults and is available for birthdays, store openings, fairs and manyother events. Jennifer can also do theme and holiday based events.



Recently Jennifer added henna tattoos to her repertoire. The practice of using henna is an ancient body art form originating in India and the Middle East. Many women of this origin still use henna for weddings etc. Here in the west we use it as a form of body adornment for birthdays, weddings, fairs etc. Henna is a plant which is dried and mixed with water to form a paste which is squeezed on various parts of the body. The paste dries up to an hour and then it is scraped off leaving a stained tattoo design. These designs last up to 2 weeks.To enhance your next event with face and body painting or henna tattoos, please contact Jennifer.