Pure Bliss: Self-Care Using the Expressive Arts at Kripalu

by jenstratton on January 11, 2011

Do you want to bring into awareness aspects of yourself that you sense are there but can’t clearly see? Now is your chance to engage and awaken those aspects through creative exercises designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Dive into your inner world in a reflective retreat focused on relaxation, self-expression, and pure enjoyment.

You will

  • Discover what has been there all along, waiting to be recognized
  • Create SoulCollages® from images that inspire you
  • Paint, draw, and build three-dimensional figure sculptures in a sand tray
  • Access creative impulses that may be laying dormant
  • Become part of a reflective community by sharing and honoring this creative exploration together.

It doesn’t matter what the end-product is. The quality of this work is born from the process of nurturing the impulses behind it. At the end of the retreat, you will create a plan of action for self-care at home that brings these tools for expression into your daily life.

Note Tuition includes art supplies. Find out more and register at Kripalu.

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